Cutting Off My Security Blanket

I've had long hair since I was in high school. It's been at least ten years of long "mermaid hair." For a long time, my hair was my identity. My classmates could spot me across the school, both in high school and in college. My friends even started calling me Eriel after I dyed it light auburn!

I spent countless hours and products on my hair to make it shinier and curlier, because I felt like it was what I was known for: I was the girl with the long, red mermaid hair.

I've changed my hair color several times over the years. I've been blonde, brunette, and auburn, but have never changed the length by more than a few inches.

That is, until the other day. I looked at my hair in the mirror and decided it was time for a change. Maybe not the best idea at 11:30pm on a Saturday, but hey, it seemed like a good one at the time.

I chopped off between 6-8 inches, and my hair has never looked healthier! I also look so much more like my mom.

Here's a picture of me with my cousins' dog, Liberty. I wanted a picture with my hair down to show off my new look because, like I said, I haven't had my hair this short since I was 14. It's a big change for me, both physically and emotionally, though I will say my showers have become considerably shorter.

My curl pattern is definitely different and adjusting to the shock of the new length, and although I'm mostly happy with my haircut, I do miss the mermaid hair. This will be a journey in self-love and confidence, and I'm hoping it will be an easy one.

So, do I look older? Younger? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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